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Something must be wrong here…

January 7, 2008

My first bad Giada recipe!! I’m not sure how this happened as I followed the recipe to a ‘T’ (minus the nuts) but something went wrong. I was so excited to be trying broccoli rabe for the first time and was more excited to be pairing it with another new recipe. The combination seemed like a great one but turned out that the braciole was the only edible food on the plate. I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted something so bitter in my life! I used the recipe from Giada’s Everyday Italian cookbook and the only difference I see between that recipe and the FN recipe (as oftentimes there are subtle differences) is that the FN recipe instructed to trim the stems, which I did not do the first time. I figure that must have been the issue because just about all of the reviews gave the recipe 4 or 5 stars. What a bummer though because it really does look so good and I’m not sure if I’ll get Kyle to try broccoli rabe again for fear that he’ll protest. You can find the recipe in the link above.
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  1. ashley permalink
    January 7, 2008 4:18 pm

    i tried that recipe too and thought it was bad! it was my first time making broccoli rabe though, so attributed it to just not liking broccoli rabe!

  2. Kate permalink
    January 7, 2008 5:37 pm

    I love broccoli rabe, but it definitely has that bitter brussles sprout taste.

  3. Meg's Adventures in the Kitchen permalink
    January 8, 2008 4:06 am

    I definitely had this same experience with a different recipe not long ago. It was GROSS! 😦


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