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Happy Belated Birthday Bloggie!

April 23, 2008

Smells Like Home…Est. April 17, 2007

I hope the fact that I’m wishing my blog a belated Happy 1st Birthday isn’t an indication of how forgetful I could be with my future children’s birthdays! Over the past year, I’ve poured my love into, have nurtured and have watched my little bloggie grow into one that now has almost 230 RSS subscribers – who woulda thought!

As many fellow food bloggers know, the growth really isn’t all about the blog itself…it’s really more about the blogger. It’s about how I’ve grown in the past year…my cooking and baking skills have increased tremendously and my confidence in the kitchen is sky-high. And probably just as importantly, the way in which the arts have been integrated into my life because of this blog has been transcendent; my photography skills (while not nearly as impressive as some other food bloggers out there) have improved and I’ve fallen in love with writing. I was never the kid who journaled. My journals always had the first 5-10 pages filled out and the rest remained blank and when keeping a journal in English class became a requirement, I groaned with despair knowing that I would never be motivated enough to keep up with it; incidentally, I ended up making up a lot of what I wrote because I was always behind and the A student in me couldn’t bare to hand in a blank journal to be graded.

This blog has pushed me passed all of the fears and grumblings of journaling most likely because this isn’t a chore for me. It’s not something that’s a requirement or that will be graded. It’s something I truly enjoy and is something I can share with those who want to read it. It’s an outlet for me. I cook a dish, I blog about it. I bake some new recipe, I blog about it. I blog about my feelings about the new and about the familiar, about the memories food invokes, about how good food makes people happy. I’ve joined communities and blogging events and have found that there are thousands of other people out there just like me. Love food, love to eat…and I write about it…times 135. That’s right 135 posts in the past year! I never would have thought I’d have that much to say! My mom is insistent that I go the freelance route and who knows, maybe I will someday…but for now, I’m going to keep this little bloggie chugging along…making me happy when writing it and making others happy when reading it.


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