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another Tyler "eh" recipe

July 20, 2007

OK, I’ll admit that I haven’t tried all that many Tyler Florence recipes but the ones I have tried have been just “eh” rather that “ultimate.” And really, it’s kind of a bummer because the idea of what he makes and how his food looks when he cooks it is great but in the end, there is always something that’s just…missing, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, the outcome is never bad, but I always say, “Well, I guess I can tweak the recipe a little next time” which really is OK because I’ll tweak it to our tastes, not the masses’.

Tyler’s smothered pork chops were on the menu last week and I had been anxious to make them for a while after reading lots of reviews on the cooking message board I frequent. Elly was really the one who introduced the recipe to the board and I knew I should have followed Ella’s recipe modifications and maybe not have omitted the buttermilk (I was afraid it would be too tangy!), because I said to Kyle after we finished eating, “That really could have used some sauteed onions rather than onion powder.” You live, you learn. I’m not going to post the whole recipe here – you can find it in the smothered pork chops link above – and I’ve linked Elly’s version here. And to mix it up a little, I made Giada’s creamy orzo instead of mashed potatoes because I just couldn’t bring myself to make garlic mashed potatoes twice in one week.

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